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Side 1 says...
I've told my boyfriend (steven) since the day we started going out, as long as your not cheating on me you can do what you want. just let me know if there are girls there so when someone tells me i saw your boyfriend with so and so and me get worried. after a few weeks he was hanging out with some girls with his friends, but didn't tell me. word got back and after confronting him, he apologised and everything was okay.
A couple of weeks later I had to go out of town, and once again told him let me know if he hangs out with other girls or let me know if he does something in case anything happens. One night he quit texting me, and i didn't hear from him for the rest of the night. The next day he claims he went to sleep at 9:30, which wasn't true because he stopped texting me at 11:15, then his best friend told me Steven was asleep before he was, and he went to bed at 10.
After confronting him once again, i find out some girls showed up to the hotel they were staying in, and even though he kicked them out, he didn't tell me. He also didn't tell me other girls were staying in the hotel with them. I didn't mind because i trust him to not cheat, and the girls who stayed there and lesbians, but he lied to me about all of it.
We are now arguing about whether he needs to tell me who he's with and what he's doing because i should just trust him. I feel that I should know only because if rumors do get back, it makes him look guilty. I also feel that he isn't comfortable with me if he can't even tell me who he's with. I think i'm more than fair to at least trust him to do what he wants, especially with the past he has.
Added by Audreybabyy (female)
Side 2 says...
I don't see why i should have to tell her who i hang out with. It's none of her business who I hang out with as long as I'm being faithful to her. When she hears things, instead of jumping straight to conclusions, she should trust me and not worry about it. She knows those girls i stayed with are lesbian, and that nothing would have happened. I'm not cheating on her so there's no issues.
Added by Stevenjay (male)
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