Comment About My Inner-Jew Is NOT Anti-Semitic

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Side 1 says... So I was having this conversation with my buddy while we were walking down 4th to grab lunch yesterday and I stopped and picked up a dime. As I picked it up someone ran into me and I called him an asshole. We got into a 5 minute verbal battle but no physical. Well as much fun as that was little did I know I was about to have a bigger fight with my friend.

After the guy left, my friend asks me if it was worth it to pick up the dime. I, still a little put-off, told him "I guess it was the inner-Jew in me." I'm Italian.

He is not Jewish either but a huge Lib. Anyway he goes on bitching at me because he feels I'm being anti-semitic and racist and goes as far to call me Mel Gibson.

I said it between friends. It wasn't a huge deal to me. I don't cry like a blithering idiot when someone calls me a dego. I dunno. I guess stereotyping is just built into his blackness. Yes, my friend is black. If I was such a racist, why is he my friend.

My point is they are just words. I did not go up to someone I didn't know personally and call them a dirty Jew. To me it's just an expression. And I told him I wouldn't do it again but he still is a little annoyed.

So I asked him if we were in a restaurant and I said "Do you like their chicken?" would that be stereotyping him because he is black or just because I wanted his opinion on the chicken, he said he would take it as a racist remark. WTF?

I think he's the one who's harboring hate here. Tell me I'm wrong.
Added by h00pla (male)
Side 2 says... Dude is totally a hater. It's those types of comments that make people hat more. He's not a Jew and shouldn't be talking like that. I don't talk in ebonics or any inner-city language. Should he be able to talk like that to me as a joke? No.

I guess I got tired of it all. He makes these remarks about every race. He doesn't just pick one or two. I guess I have to give him credit for picking on whites too. I admit there are many white people I don't like because of the way they look at me and treat me. Even if I'm thinking about calling them crackers or "Anns" white women I won't say it to anyone.

It's not good to hate and he shouldn't be saying it even if it is only to one person.
Added by jamocha (male)
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