Jealous Of My Beauty

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Side 2
Side 1 says... Hi gang,
My gf is driving me crazy by hiding her beauty products. I love using her shampoo, exfoliator and some times her perfume. It just makes me look and feel so good.
I wanna make one thing clear, I am Hetro! I like gals and thats all. I undertsand that ppl slip from the path of our Lord, but thats their chocie. Im not judging. Thats not my job.
Getting back to my gf, she thinks my behaviour is "gay" and that I secretly want men. But dude, NO WAY!
Just make her understand that men can appreciate their own beauty and she shouldn't be jelous.
She's crazy if she thinks ill give up looking after my self.
Added by Amateus (male)
Side 2 says... I dont have any issues with him wanting to look good, but i do have issues with him using MY products! He's a man, NOT a woman, if he was suppose to be one, then the good Lord would have seen fit to create him as one.

Most men dont take 2 hours to get ready for work, nor do they hog the bathroom when i need to use it in the mornings. Who wants to wake up an extra 2 hours earlier to use the bathroom. I'm all for men trying new things, but i draw the f'*+$ing line when it comes to trying on EVERY SINGLE product i own, which is :


His punk ass didnt tell you about that did he!

Can you imagine going to bed with a guy who is wearing a hair net, complete with curlers, (he's not italian!) lol

Enough is Enough.
What should i do?
Added by holyqueen (female)
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