Summer Fling Turns Serious

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Side 1 says... I met a guy early this summer and we really hit it off. We both worked at a restaurant in Ocean City. Things were just casual and the sex was great!

Around July I knew I was developing feelings for him because I was getting jealous when he'd flirt with Jen. I wasn't psycho or anything, but I did tell him I was.

By August I was completely in love with Micah. He was everything I hoped for and our hometowns weren't that far from each other so we could continue it.

He told me flat out this was just a summer thing for him and he wanted no ties. I think it's bullsh*t that he is being like this. He won't answer my calls now.

I think he's wrong for stringing me along like this and I hope he answers this.
Added by 777Cherry (female)
Side 2 says... This girl new I was only in it 4 tha summer. I don't want her to keep calling me. I have other girls at home and not interested in settling down.

She is a nice girl and I hope she finds someone.

Oh yeah she did get crazy possessive but the end of summer. She started watching me when I went places, called my phone every half hour if i wasn't with her. She would come in and stay if we worked different shifts.

She just needs to move on.
Added by Dealio (male)
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