My Boyfriend Doesnt Care About Me!!

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It was around 10pm on a thursday nite and i walk back to my car to find out that it has been broken into. So i text my boyfriend, guess wat just happened? Im not the type of person to really panic when situations happen, but i call my dad who's all the way on the other side of the country to get advice on what i should do, while im waitin for my boyfriend to respond to my text. When he responds i tell my boyfriend that my car got broken into and then he starts asking me questions about what happened. My boyfriend told me earlier in the day that he wouldnt get back to his place till about 1am, but he didnt tell me what he was doing, and i dont like to bug people. & i was thinkin to myself y is he not responding to my messages quicker this is kindof a mini crisis! I end up finding out that my phone was recieving messages slow & his last message read somethin like "well i guess youre straight since ur not talkin". So i text back tellin him that i had been gettin his messages late. By this time i was back at my place, i call my sister & shes mad bcuz hes not taking the situation more seriously & shes telling me i should call him. But i figure he's busy, & if he wasnt he should be calling me. So i text him telling him that i wish he would hurry up becuz i dont like havin my car sittin in the parking lot where i live, i kno my car would be safer at his place. Im stressing that my car is going to get stolen so i keep looking out the window & i start getting upset & impatient becuz I really had nowhere else to go. I get so upset that i start crying, and fall asleep. He calls me round 2am to tell me i can come over. I sit on his bed, obviously im not in the best mood, we exchange a few words, he goes to sleep & i eventually go to sleep too. Next day he asks me if im ok, and i tell him yea. I sit in his room by myself most of the day & keep checking on my car & calling places so i can get my window fixed. My boyfriends roomates alert me that there is a police car that pulled up next to my car, & that i should call my boyfriend. But im thinkin that we never even talked about the situation. & we hadnt talked that day besides him askin if i was ok. so i leave the room to go and move my car. By the time i get there the police had left, but i call my mom, and tell her about wats happening. I start cryin when im on the phone because i felt like i was alone and i had no one to help me. I thought about how my family is the only people that are always going to be there for me. I dont have any true female friends where i am now, & since i have a boyfriend i no longer am close with any of my previous male friends. So this basically leaves me with my boyfriend as the closest person to me out here. He has all his family & friends around, but since i dont, i dont really have anyone who i feel cares enough to actually be there for me when i need it. To make this long story short I end up not talkin or seein my boyfriend friday or saturday, and sunday we get in an argument and he leaves. The argument was based off of the fact that i was having an attitude. I had an attitude bcuz i was feeling like he didnt care & i was hurt after a weekend full of sadness & reflection on my where my future is headed. I tried not to make a big deal of the situation bcuz maybe it was jus a communication issue, but i think i did that only because he didnt really seem concerned about the situtation. It wasnt till a couple days later that he was actually able to realize that i was hurt by what happended. So basically after i graduate i have a decision to make on whether to stay out here with my boyfriend, or go back to the state where all my family and friends are, and for the longest ive been definently saying i was going to stay with my boyfriend. But after this happened, I wasnt sure if he'd have time or if he even cares enough to be the type of support that i will surely need if i stay here, i know he's got his own life to live...& i gotta do wats best for me..
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Before i start this, the biggest problem is communication. She likes to send mixed signals, letting you to think everything while its not, no matter how much I ask or try to help she just shuts off. If she would just open her mouth 99% of any of our problems wouldn't exist. anyway, its a Thursday, and usually once I get done with practice and study hall my girl comes over, except tonight its one of my teammates 21st birthday so everybody in my room wants to go out, knowing that my girl always comes over they promise we wont stay long. So i text my girl and let her know i wouldn't be back til around 1. When I riding with my teamate to the get together I get a text from her saying "I don't wanna know what happened", so of course I ask and about 20-30 minutes later she says her car window was broken, so i ask if things are alright and what was taken; she mentioned nothing serious was taken and the car was fine. I felt concerned but at the same time figured she would've called had it been serious enough, so i text asking where she was at because I was going to have my ride turn around and take me back to my car so I could go make sure she was alright, needless to say at least 45 minutes go by and I don't get a response . So I text saying I take it you must be fine since your not responding to me, instead of letting me know where she was at so I could go over she casually says "I'm getting your texts late", reading this I assume the situation must not be a big this point I'm thinking I should go check, but at the same time I'm wondering why wouldn't she say anything if she needs my assistance. I decide to let it be and we'll just catch up once she comes over. Since she acted so casually about everything, I assume everything is alright, I ask if she is fine and she just says "she is tired". I try to ask other questions but she doesnt respond, so I let it be and go to sleep.
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