I'm trying to decide if my boyfriend is being passive aggressive, while being codependant.

Back ground info on why I'm wondering this. We recently moved in together. We have been friends for several months now, and just recently decided to take it to next level. I'm a very busy person. I work and go to school full time, and have 2 children living at home. He knew just how busy I am, while we were still just friends. During this move, I got behind on my homework, and my grades actually started slipping. This is causing me some stress and concern. I'm trying very hard not to show it, by being grouchy and snappy. But cacthing up is taking up lots of time. He when home, sits around and kind of pouts. He is of the technical mind, and doesn't understand my work. I try and show him what i'm doing, but he just says he doesn't want to interrupt me. I have told him many times that I would love to show him what i'm doing, and even if he doesn't understand it, a question he might ask might help me out. He while leaving me alone to do my work, is making comments quite often like, "You don't love me anymore huh?" He says these things out of the blue. He is constantly doing things for everyone in the household. It feels like he is putting himself in the position of caretaker, and door mat. I'm not the kind of person who likes people doing things for me, and I constantly feel like I owe him. It just doesn't feel right, and I can't put my finger on it. It is like he does things, then expects the world to respond to it, and when it doesn't, he pouts and makes negative comments, like the one I said before. We have talked, and he says he doesn't mean it in a negative way. I asked him what he would think if I said it to him. He said that that would tell him, this person needs more attention and he would do what it takes to give it to him. To me if a person can't just say what they want instead of hint at it, then there is something not right with them. I asked him to be more straight forward with me, and I would do what I could to get my homework done faster so I could pay him more attention, but I don't think I can satisfy that need in him. I don't think anyone can.
By yikers 12 years ago :: Dating
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