Should 20 yr marriage go down the drain with the alcohol?

My husband and I have been married for 20 yrs, and for the last 5 yrs my husband has struggled with alcoholism. We are currently serparated, and he attends AA meetings regularly. The problem is that, with AA,..they teach you that you are a changed person, and that you no longer have to look at your past. I believe that is true to a point,..however we still have issues to work on,..and talking about them to try to bring some resolve and healing I believe is necessary. Because of AA, my husband feels it isn't necessary to talk about anything in our past,...including any issues or problems that are related to the alcoholism. He wants to blame anything other than his alcoholism for our marriage breakup. I told him because of his refusal to talk about our issues,..or to accept the fact that he is out of the house because of his addiction I will not take him back and will continue to wait for our divorce to become final. I am not sure what to do,..any opinions?
By cls401 14 years ago :: Marriage
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