Who hurt who more? I walked away on her but she led me on when i wanted her back even though she wAsnt avail

So about 3 months ago i left my ex. We were living together in what was her apartment originally. We were having some issues and i wanted to buy a house that i got a great deal on. So i left on my own since she didnt want to move with me as she feared if things didnt work out shed have no where to go since her apt would be gone and thered be a long waiting list to get back in. Niw when i left i didnt leave her for someone else i just wanted a break but i got teal busy fixong things up and working allot of ot. So the communication faded. After 2 months i wasnt so busy anymore so went over to see her. I missed her allot and as soon as i saw her i realized how much i really loved her we immediatly were all over eacher and i kept appologizing for leaving she said she forgave me and loved me back. For a few days everything was perfect untill she told me she was actually in a relationship with someone else and cant twotime us. So i began competing to win her over even though i was hurt. I winned and dinned her and spent loads of money on her. I even bought an expensive ring and proposed she said shed think about it. Again she led me on to think shed say yes for a few days. Untill she called me and said no. To boot her brother contacted me to say he was going to "visit me" if i dont back off. I am still heart broken and am trying hard to move on by dating new girls. But something she said is bothering me. She said that i hurt her more. And i just dont agree. What do you think? Also im 30 and shes 27 and has a 3 year old thats not mine but i love him like hes my own ...
By Baselinetime 14 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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