Do I have the right to be upset?

OK here are the basics of our relationship....
-dating 4 years
-he went to the dom republic for a month to visit friends
- didn't ask if I would like to go
- didn't really hear from him for a month
- just before leaving - tells me that he doesn't think he's right for me
- why don't I start looking
- goes back to dom repubic again in August for 10 days
- didn't hear from him while he was gone
- mind you that when he returned - we continued to see each other 1-2 times a week(while I am trying to figure out what is going on)
- in Sept. I inivited to spend the day out on a boat with friends - right away he says he can't, he has too much to do.....but go have fun - so I did(with 2 other couples)
- next day - I confront him on not wanting to go with me - he statement - I have too much to do - I respond but you are able to be gone for a month and then 10 days with no problem but I ask for 12 hours of your time and it is no time for me.
-then I ask him what our relationship is to him - comment: Friends with from that day forward I rarely e-mail or call him BUT now all of a sudden he can e-mail and call me all the time??????

So - I have been inivited to go to Las Vegas with a friend that I have known for years....and I am going - is this wrong - because I do not feel that it is or that I need to tell or explain anything to my other friend..........

By mustangspirit9 15 years ago :: Dating
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