I want this relationship to work but don't know what direction to take. How should I continue this relation?

met girl on internet. I was currently separated but living at home in separ. living arrangement for convience (finances, kids, lease, etc). Girl struggled early with situation but relat. was great for the most part. I was honest with her from the start. We have had some great times and some down times. We both say we love each other and want a future toget. Now I have moved out of the house and are truely separ. but now she doesn't want us to see each other until the divorce is final. I am very frustrated because I want to be with her and spent time toget. She still wants to talk and text like a long distance relat. We have discussed spending the rest of our lives toget. Im 51 she is 47. No kids involved.
By rockwork 15 years ago :: Dating
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