Should I stay or go?

Although I know that the answer to this seems sooo simple Ijust can't seem to bring myself to the realization of what has happened. My husband whom I dated for 9 years them married now 4 years has cheated.
We have a 3 year old and when I went back home to have our second baby he used this time to find someone else. He continued this relationship for months on end staying out late saying it was work . Got a separate phone. After admitting to me and claiming it was over we decided to take a break. We talked during this break and the agreement was that we would not date just take sometime apart. Long story short 4 months later we decided that the kids and I would come back home. 2 weeks later I caught him with another phone a week after that email saying they loved each other. When I confronted him he said it was nit true and it was words without meaning. He begged that it would be over not to leave she meant nothing to him but the lies and constant need for her. It's obvious that the kids and u meant nothing. Was it nothing? Was it just some easy girl that gave him all the attention? My husband is handsome and this girl was so not comparable. Was this just because we were together for soo long?
By Brokenhearted 15 years ago :: Marriage
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