I want to know am I wrong for this ultimatum. Tell me what you think

My grilfriend has is working for an employer and i am self employed. She argues with me about getting a part time job casuse she feel that if she has to work for someone else I should too. Now in the past I have felt short on some of our bills and she picked up the slack of my short end. I told her to hold on and things will get better I told her that the reason it seems hard is because we are not lining up with God laws. We were shacking. Then i said to her that yes i can get a part time job but if our morals dosen't change we would be fighting a mist she though i was trying to find an exscuse not to work for someone else. since being with her i have worked for someone else but never for a long period of time I didn't feel I had too if I already have a operating business i thought I just need to focus on my business and push it. Now she didn't have to pay all the bills I helped with some I have one biological child with her and 3 others that are not mine however I still do for them morally .Now snice the business has been operating I have cut her a check quite a few times and she only comes in 2 days a week and I have given her half my pay sometimes its been any where from $700 to $1000 a month and its just a small business but I have staff i pay.I told her that I need encouragement from her and so that I may filter it back to her and that if we plan together we would have endless posibilities. Now mind you I don't want too take nothing from her she did pay some of my portion of the bills rent, we almost got evicted utilities all that went behind. But I saw a pattern and I told her what it was and i said I don't want to run into that again I told her we have to get married to become one unit she prolongs it out of fear I told her to have faith and i belive and live on it I also see living like this as a blessing blocker and I don't want to go through it again we been together for 8yrs living a lie and blocking both our blessings. I told her that if we do not line up this month 10/2009 and her heart dosen't verify with me then I will leave her. Dose this seem right? I'm given her just this month and that is a lot being one is promised tomorrow I don't control time but I have hope. What do you think about this? what should i say to her?
By klow 15 years ago :: Dating
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