How do I get my husand to understand that he puts his dad and sister before me?

When we visited the dad and sister the last time, I was ignored. At the dinner table, they only talked to my husband. When we went to visit another town, I asked if we could visit relatives who lived there. I was ignored. You go to that town and go to the places they want to see. They have always treated me badly and aren't very loving towards me. They are to other family members who have married into the family. I'm a foreigner. I don't know if that makes a difference. They relied on my husband to wait on them hand and foot. When we first got married, we had to be home at 3 in the afternoon so they could call us. It seems like we have always had to do what they want. The father has passed away now. The sister seems to talk only to my husband when we're on the phone. She'll ask a question and put his name behind it. When we've gone out to eat, she sits right beside him. She acts more like his spouse . I was sick at their house and the next day they never asked how I was. If that had been my husband, they would have been asking him all the time how he was. How do I get thru a visit with her? We have to go see her and the visit will be 10 days.
By doeeyes 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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