Schedule conflicts as it relates to Sex.

My Fiance' works 3rd shift and until recently I was working day shift (was laid off a couple of months ago). Now I am in school and I do most of my studying during the day while the kids are in school. We have great chemistry and we are both very sexual, I am horny at night when he is not there and he is horny during the day and after I have been in the bed all night he wants me to lay up with him in the morning. The urge is not there for me in the morning because I have so much on my mind and on my plate. I am trying to send out resume's so that I can go back to work, I have to study, make phone calls etc. When we were dating we made time for Sex but I was afraid that when we decided to commit to each other, get engaged and move in together that other things (kids, Work Schedules, finances) would come into play and interfere with our Sex life. I belive that working opposite schedule does pose a problem in relationships, that is part of the reason I had issues in my 1st marriage, I worked third shift and he was lonely at home with our daughter so he began to Chat with other women while I was at work. We try to make up for the lack thereof on the weekends but it does not seem to be enough. We love each other dearly and I would never cheat on him and he tells me he feels the same. He has put in for a schedule change but he is on a "waiting list". What should we do in the meantime.
By So_Icy99 15 years ago :: Marriage
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