Am i doing to much? Should i ask him for more help around the apartment?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and we have our own apartment and pay all of our own bills,and were 19 and 20 years old.
We both work full time. he landscapes and plows in the winter. we recently became strapped for cash so he instantly got a second job...landscaping for an elderly couple with a huge lawn and pond,basically a lot of maintence.Now he doesnt get home till around 8 at night!!
I work 6am-2pm during the week and 2pm-10pm on saturday and i have sunday and tuesdays off. I do most of the cooking...and i clean on my days off and tidy up the place after work.
I wait for him to eat dinner, unless i get hungry, because i like eating together as a family.He feels bad about this,he says hes a burden and i feel obligated because he works so much and gets home to late. I will always take care of him anyway I can, but sometimes taking care of him myself and the apartment is a little overwhelming,even tho the place is always a little messy.
Do I ask him to help? even tho all I want him to do when he gets home from a long day is relax!? If it werent for him we wouldnt be where we are!! give me some advice!!!!
By ForEver 15 years ago :: Dating
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