Should I forgive him and move on

My husband and I have been together since highschool, so about fourteen years. We have children and are both dedicated parents. Last October I found out my husband was having an affair with a coworker. The girl- a girl I got the job for, a so called friend turned loser. After she started working with my husband she gave up all parental rights to her child, what a loser. I tried to get her on the right track with a good job, obviously she didn't care about her child at all. This was not just a short term affair, it seemed to have lasted for atleast 15 months.
I found out last October on a sunday night when I went to retrieve my daughter's daycare bag from my husband's car. When I grabbed it was stuck on the center console of the car, the strap stuck in the compartment. So I opened it to get it out. And that is when I found it, his secret cellphone. It was so hurtful, messages going back and forth about how much they love eachother, I couldn't believe my eyes. I waited until the next day to confront him because my children were asleep and I didn't want them to wake up and here what Daddy had done. After I confronted him on his lunch break and then he went back to work. I got the nerve up to call her and tell her right were to go. We live in a small town, and I know all of her dirty laundry. I gave her a piece of my mind and hung up feeling a little relieved. She called my husband and told him I wam rotten and cruel and that she was going to kill herself. He then called me and said, "What did you do? "Are you freakin kidding me? He says, "I can't let her hurt herself." That was it, I hung up and called 911, told the officer the situation and they hauled her up to the looney bin for 9 days!
After that whole drama ceased for awhile, I caught my husband speaking to her at work, on the phone and outside of work. The last time was a few days before christmas. He told me he was shopping for me, but really eating pizza with her three towns over. I filed for divorce and thought I was ready to walk away.
Then he started begging and pleading and I had second thoughts. Here is where I am today. I am so sad still, not sure if I can forgive, forget, and move on. She has since been fired but continuously calls him at work, prank calls me and shows up at his work visiting with everyone. Do I believe he has no contact with her? Do I believe this will never happen again? And do I continue giving him a second chance? I don't want to get burned by the same fire twice.
By betrayed09 15 years ago :: Marriage
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