do u think my wife should divorce me for this reason or do u think this is just an excusse ?

30 years ago when i was 17 i fooled around with these three grils and this friend of mine J on three times me and J had sex ( J is male) I did not even meet my future wife until 5 years later , i never cheated on her nor even kiss another women I'v been in love with her since i meet her she found about 13 years ago and now wants a divorce, the only thing i did do was worked a lot , i owned my owen company,but was home every nite , we had some ups and downs but nothing major, now that we are debt free , we owe no one any money at all, i am around more i have a job but its 8 to 4 no weekends i wanted to start to enjoy our life and now she wants this , I still love her but im starting to hate her for what she is doing . I m so lost
By doormat 15 years ago :: Marriage
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