What should i do about this. Its not fair or right.

"My gramma and i dont talk to my aunt but not by choose my aunt just dont want no part. Why because my cu'z girl and i fought and my aunt only heard one side and my gramma was there and my aunt dont want hear it. The thing that gets me she was proud of her son when he fought my other cuz and when my aunts brother which is my uncle fought her husband it was okay but when it came down to me she say im not part of her family, i attached her family, i have no respect and i have apolize to her and i told her yes i could of handle it better but it wasnt, then she started drama with a friend and i. I just dont kno what to do neither does my gramma should we move on and let it be or what. She basically turned the whole family against my gramma and i. she texts my gramma sometimes if there having a party and say your invited but not me. My gramma tells her if we cant talk about and get thru it then im not going if she cant. So we havent been around the whole family in about 3 months....
By coachl0v3r 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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