Am I asking for too much too soon?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and have a very good relationship. We were both engaged to other people, of course, before we started dating last November. I have been feeling like he is not ready to start making plans for us to have a future together. He recently bought his own home and I already own mine. I feel like we are not moving toward having a life together and getting married if he has his own responsibilities and home and I have mine. Their is no "our" anytime soon. I have asked him if he sees us having a future and he says yes but that he's not doing anything to show me that we're headed down the aisle. I tried to break up with him because I feel like he should know by now if I'm the one...he says that he's unsure. We're in our late 30s and should know at this time in our life. Do I continue this relationship and be patient or do I let it go and wait for a man who knows that I'm the one?
By papersakbrown 15 years ago :: Dating
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