Does my boyfriend's Internet Stalking mean that he's into his Ex?

My bf and I have been together for 1.5 years and lived together for 2 months. We've been fighting alot since we moved in together. Yesterday, I notice a slip of paper with 3 web addresses on our coffee table. It had been there for some time. The first address was for I think, is this a freaking dating service that he's going to? I get on his laptop (it was on and directly next to the slip of paper) and go to the site. I click the search bar and immediately his ex-girlfriend's name pops up. She was obviously his last/only search. She's the last girl he dated prior to me. They were together for 5 years, 1 of which she cheated on him. She's still with the guy she cheated with. He says that he's only seen her 2x since the breakup, and once was very recently. I KNOW that I would only cyber stalk someone if I had a crush or unresolved feelings. I have no interest in stalking an ex, especially one that hurt me like that (and I've been hurt too). What does everyone out there think? Is there such thing as idle curiousity or is this lamenting over the past?
By Carolina26 15 years ago :: Dating
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