Shouldn't our household chores be split between us?

My husband and I have been married for a year and he annoys me with his laziness. Yes, he does have a fulltime job that he goes to everyday. However, I stay home for the most part b/c I lost my job some months ago. We don't have any kids yet, however, the only thing that my husband does is take out the trash. He makes breakfast on Saturdays and that's it. He doesn't have to wash, cook or clean or even go grocery shopping. How can I tell my husband that he needs to help out more around the house without starting an argument? He often malices me if I decide that he should help me cook. I mean, he has NEVER cooked a meal in this house and it's starting to annoy me. I remember when I used to work fulltime, I would have to come home and cook dinner even if he makes it home before me. The last time that I asked him to cook he told me that we should order take-out for dinner.
He seems to spend alot of time on his computer watching all kinds of shows, however, if I go out to hang out with my friends, he complains that I don't spend any time with him, yet when I'm home, all he wants to do is be on his pc and if I ask him to watch a movie with me, he simply says NO, however, he always wants me to watch whatever he is watching which is very selfish. What should I do? I love my husband alot but I just feel like his ways are blocking some of the love that I have for him because he pisses me off too much.
By Nicole39 13 years ago :: Marriage
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