Should a husband/wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile?

I have many friends and my wife has very few. She's not into making many friends and not very social. In the past year I've been out with some guy friends to clubs or bars for a social outlet only a few times. These friends are also in committed relationships. She tries to guilt me when I get home at beyond 1am... mind you that I didn't leave the house until 11:30 and the club closes at 6am. If she doesn't feel like going out, which is most of the time, then she believes the two of us should stay at home. I love our apartment but when you live in the big city, one should get out more. She makes 1 new friend a year and only has 2 friends. They have never had a girls night out.
By abedneg06 15 years ago :: Marriage
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