I've reconnected w/my first lost love from 17yrs ago via facebook. Were both married. Is that wrong?

We hadnt seen or talked in over 17yrs he was my first love. We parted ways to attend college in different states. I really thought I was over him until we started talking he told me he stilled loved me and often thinks of me. Were both very successful and have alot at stake. All the feelings came back I was in tears when I heard his voice. Is someting wrong w/me my best friend says its becasue my marriage is sexless maybe 3-4 times a year. Were in therapy right now..He tell me I'm just tired I don't feel like...excuses..excuses...so far nothing is helping. I love him...however I'm soooo interested in seeing my first love. Is that so wrong? I really love my husband this is one piece of my marriage that is so missing!! Please help. We don't have kids and I don't want to lose my husband. But I would like to see my ex and just have a little fun...
By Ashanti 15 years ago :: Marriage
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