Am I the only one that thinks this is wrong ?

My husband and I have been together 10 yrs married for 5 . It has been very rough and rocky at times due to his cheating and lieing about it . The last three or four years have been odd for lack of better words . when we have sex (wich is not often ) He wants me to tell him about all my past relationships (every detail ) He says this "turns him on " I find it disturbing and a major turn off . When I try to tell him this he tells me "you are just no fun and act like an old lady " , he will also oask me questions like "did you see anyone today that you would like to "DO" ? I don't look at people that and of course when I tell him this it's the your no fun thing all ovger again .
So am I realy just being a fuddy duddy or is this as disturbing as I think it is ?
By iceblutears1973 15 years ago :: Marriage
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