deposited joint checks into his personal acct w/o my signature, bank accepted.

I questioned how he could deposit joint checks issued with the wording "AND" during divorce process. He stated if you know staff at bank they will cash/deposit any checks. I asked for one half of checks deposited into his account which he declined. Following divorce, I demanded bank to pay me 1/2 of amount deposited ($16,800). They acknowledged they were wrong to accept checks, so now it is a upstream battle to have checks reissued and split. They froze funds in his account and now he has filed counter suit against me for breach of divorce settlement agreement. My point is, I didn't place any demands on him following divorce, only the bank because they should have never accepted the checks in the first place. My beef is with the bank only but now it has caused the divorce case to re-surface - something I did not want after a 2 1/2 year battle.
By kcnkc 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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