Should we go are separte ways?

"I've been with my boyfriend now for 9 years now. After 6 7 yrs. being together I found out he cheated by getting his cell phone one late night and reading text and hearing voice mail's. WOW that was so hurtful .I left for about 4month's came back after coming back I gave an ex a ride that I haven't seen in year's. My boyfriend think's it was more than just a ride. My ques. I think he is still talking to other female's . Because he has started to act the same way with his cell phone , always on silent ,gets mad if I try to get it ,always has it on him ,even when taking a shower, it's in the bathroom with him??? I love him but don't trust him and he doesn't trust me somewhat I think he really does ,but I have lied in the past and I think that's they only trust issue on his side . Should we get married or go are separte way's?
"Also I lied about who the person was that I gave the ride to ,at first because I didn't want him to think what he's thinking ,but I came out and told him who it was because it was eating me up inside. ...view less"

By thankful 15 years ago :: Marriage
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