Saying you love someone and cleaning?

Ok I have (or had) this girlfriend for about 11 months and love her to death but some of her habits were driving me crazy. First she has 2 dogs which is fine because I like dogs but the dog hair was out of control and my thinking was (we) should vaccum everyday keep in mind i have my own place. She let the dogs on the couch,bed and eat from the same dishes that she cooks in keep in mind these are big dogs that take food off the counter and she never scolds them one dog hates that she closes the dog and will wake you up in the morning thats because she sleeps with them. I told her there is no line between man and dog in her house and she gets mad. I dont think dogs should be licking pots and dishes it sends the wrong signal like they own the place. I cant do anything about because they are her dogs and i know she would not like it if I scold them so that one part that annoys me.

Second I said we can do a better job of cleaning together becuse its not right to tell someone to do it if you are not willing to help but she just gets offended when i try to bring it up and just brushes it off. Example

1.)in 11 months she never cleaned the microwave!

2.)she would not clean the sliding glass door of dirt and paw prints

3.) she has white doors and you could see the dirt on the doors(i cleaned them)

4.)she would let dog poop build up on the patio (I think you can pick it up everyday)

5.)she has never washed her car the entire time I have known her

Now to me that says alot and it just builds up in me and then I blow up about the smalliest thing because of all this. Now we talked about moving in together and I new it would be a problem and I just wanted to know if we could come to an agreement about the dogs and cleaning but none yet she still let the dogs on the bed and couch and we had a big blow up becuse I could not take it anymore and i said some things I should not said (just cursing) and now we are not together I tried to explain the reasons I blow up but she turns it around on me saying I dont care for her as a person and how a house is kept should not matter. I am not saying she is all at fault I said (we) should do a better job at cleaning. I wasnt asking her to be spotless because I am not but i just think with 2 dogs we should kept the townhome cleaner because who doesnt like a nice clean place. If we are to live together I think we should be on the same page with that or its not going to work. If we got a hoouse together i am wondering how it would be then and that scares me. I love her to death and we broke up last week which i requested and we havent talked since just a few emails trying to explain why i did what I did but she just turns it around back on me. I really think its over but wanted to get some feedback

Thank you
By confused4 16 years ago :: Dating
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