Should I invited my aunts to our wedding? They've kept a damaging secret from our family for years...

My father is a public figure, so we've grown up with the occasional weirdo sending him mail, figuring out our phone #, etc... It turns out that one of my father's old coworkers from 35 years ago has been in contact with my Grandma and aunts (3 sisters of my Dad) for years. She made up a story years ago, it turns out, telling my aunts and Grandma that she is having an affair with my father (and that they were simply waiting for the right time to break it up with my mother). My parents have been married for 32 years, and they just discovered this a few months ago. This woman (I'll call her "Hope Ellen") has contacted my place of employment (Human Resources) and told them that I am "violent," etc... - classic stalker behavior. All of this and STILL no apologies from the family OR promises to end their relationship with this woman. I don't want to invite any of these toxic family members to my wedding. Is this OK? This betrayal feels too great, and I don't want the possibility of drama on our wedding day, but they are family. Help me! Thank you!
By confusedtxgirl 15 years ago :: Marriage
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