Honest opinion from a man's perspective on whether i'm good girlfriend/wife material.

Oh wow! I've been waiting for a site like this. The fact that i can ask anything i want and remain anonymous allows me to lay out all the facts, and hopefully receive some truthful critique and suggestions. Ladies, your opinions are welcome too......so, I just turned 30 recently. I am single, have no children, and currently studying to receive my B.A. During my 20's i guess i spent alot of time "finding myself" and consequently feel like i'm just getting to a point where im buckling down, and focusing on what i need and want to do. No my peers on the other seem to have done things the "right" way, which means they've graduated college, and most are either married, engaged, and starting families. I consider myself to be pretty funny, and smart. I have alot that im working on, such as finances but no serious baggage. i'm fairly attractive, with a nice body. i do smoke, i go out occassionally and i definetly know how to have a good time. I've been in a few serious relationships in the past, but nothing lasted. initially i chalked it up to not being ready when i was younger, but now, im wondering if it's me? I don't think that im clingy, or overbearing or anything major, so what gives? Is it timing? Am I overthinking? I just want to know what should I change? should I change? would u date me? (not asking u out, asking in theory!)
By Shufly 15 years ago :: Dating
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