should I still be mad?

6 months pregnant, 2 kids 7 and 9, work full time. Spouse calls to say that a friend wants to go out to celebrate a birthday and we are invited. I told him that i could but only for a few hours becuase i had to work in the morning. I asked him to get a sitter. When i came home there were roses which is something I don't get anymore. We had our sons football game over for an hour meeting, then in front of one last remaining parent he comes to me and says nicely, "You won't be mad if i go ahead and go do you?" I said, you were supposed to get a sitter so we could both go. Then later he used the words, I did not want to have limitations on the amount of time i had nor when i had to be home. He left, went and partied all night and basically had no intention of ever getting a sitter, and the flowers must have been a way of saying if I am sweet maybe she won't be mad when i leave her. The next day he said sorry but me staying home when he goes out happens way to often. Should i accept the applogy and be happy with it, or is it ok that i am still mad and feel something should be done and he should "make it up to me" ?
By Wonderer 15 years ago :: Marriage
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