What to do about my Father-in-law to be?

My fiance and I are trying to plan our wedding that we hope will be the beginning to a beautiful marriage.

My parents have told us to do as we please, but just run things by them before we confirm anything. So far that has been easy to do.
However, my partner's Dad is really driving us crazy. As much as I try and love everyone around me, I find this extremely difficult. We found this spectacular reception place we wanted. However, its about 45mins away from the father's house and he said he refuses to come to the wedding because apparently it's too far.
I thought it was a joke, I mean surely you can't neglect your son just because of 45mins, that's insane. His father is insisting we care about his feelings and do it closer. We insist he cares about our feelings and supports our decisions.

It has caused a lot of tension between all of us. My Father-in-law to be is always like this, he hates going to family events and what not… I mean after all he is contemplating not attending his own son's wedding. He says that we're not old enough to make decisions and that he should deal with the wedding prep. I told my partner we're both working, making good money, we're ready and more than capable of establishing our lives together. It's for that reason that I want to make sure the wedding plans go our way and not his father's way. I know that if he interferes now he will always interfere. It already happened at our engagement party, nothing went the way we planned. I can't let this happen to us on our wedding day, I need the both to stand strong together and make decisions because we need to “prove” our independence. Even his wife told me to just put a deposit on the reception and not tell him. Everyone is aware of his childish behavior and negativity but I just don't want it to cause future problems.

What should I do? Should I just give in?
By jayz 16 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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