Should I have remained married to the man I had been married to for 11 years if he wouldn't get a job?

My husband and I just recently got a divorce after eleven years of marriage. He had two accidents and had a three surgery's within two years. That was over a 18 months ago and he has not gotten a job since. I asked him for the last nine months to please do something to help us finacially because I couldn't pay everything. He said he didnt' care what we had, he could live in a box as long as it was with me. We have no children together but have two children each from previous marriages that are grown now. I have a job where I have made more money than him for most of our marriage. I think this bothered him but he never really said but hinted to it. I can't say I am a easy person to live with and can be pretty demanding, alot of the time very cranky when I would get home from work. I did give him an ultimatum nine months ago that he had to get a job or we couldn't be married anymore. He just ingored me and still sat all day watching tv. He states that I gave up on him. I still love him and this divorce has hurt both of us. He still wants to be in my life and says we will be back together. He moved in with some friends and still doesn't have a job but is now looking. What do you think I should do now, let him back in my life or not?
By alabamagirl 15 years ago :: Marriage
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