How does a husband and wife deal with painful sex on the part of the wife?

Several years ago my wife had major surgeries for female problems (prolapsed uterus) and hernia. Prior to surgery the surgeon asked if we would like him to make her vagina tighter since having seven babies tend to stretch things out down there. We agreed (big mistake!) and now she says it is very painful to have vaginal intercourse.

She's been to different doctors and the last one suggested some sort of cream to help with vaginal lubrication secretions and suggest other forms of sex such as oral which is okay with me but it would be nice if we could enjoy pain-free vaginal sex again.

This has really put a stain on our relationship. We've only had sex maybe once or twice a month since the operation. What can we do? Has any other women had this problem after surgery?
By dave73 12 years ago :: Marriage
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