Should I spend time with a man who is still married, but separated for over 2 yrs?

My current man has not lived with his wife for over 2 yrs. She left him, but neither of them have persued getting a divorce and the main excuse is because they own real estate together and the current market is not good for selling and splitting up the assets/debt. He says he would not persue getting back with her, and that she broke his heart, but he has not answered the question as to what he would do if she persued getting back with him. They have contact through because of kids several days a week and their bank accounts are still together. I just got out of a long term marriage and I really enjoy his company, and I don't feel like I want to get involved in a relationship, but I enjoy being with him and I don't want to stop seeing him. I just am afraid of falling in love with someone who is not emotionally or physically available.
By lorenowicz 15 years ago :: Dating
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