My son has traumatic brain injury and his wife has filed for divorce.Should she have to account 4 his 401k?

He was hurt last year He was hospitalized for ten months. She stopped going to visit him three months before he was released. Dx traumatic Brain Injury. They have three children.She is involved with another man. She went through their entire savings, all of the money the community raised for his medical bills. His income actually doubled for the ten months because of donations, continued salary, year end bonus,and his disability. She got him on the phone with his investment company informed them he had TBI and she created a user id and password that allowed her to deplete the entire 401k ?The day of her last transaction to transfer out the final balance of the 401K she called us to come and pick our son up. Should she be held accountable and if so how?
By GrannyP 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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