Why does he still need to talk to her?

Ok so my boyfriend was engaged before he dated me. They were together for three years. We only started dating about 6 months after they broke up because she cheated on him and he caught them in the act. It was obviously way too early for him to be dating again but it just happened. So anyways they still talked all through our relationship till just recently.

In Jan we almost broke up because she wanted him back and he didn't know what to do. He stayed with me obviously but it still bothers me that he is talking to her. He also wants me to meet her.Healso wants to see her. He doesn't understand why it bothers me so much even though I have told hom many times already.

Am I wrong in asking him not to see her or talk to her. Also the only reason why they aren't talking now is because she is getting married and he is mad at her.
By Foreverhope 15 years ago :: Dating
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