Should I let this go, or should I let HIM go?

When me and my boyfriend first got together he made a big deal about making sure we knew which was the exact day so we could celebrate anniversary's. Every month on that day he would count down to how many more months until our 6 month. He would also compare how long we'd been together compared to how long he'd been with his last girlfriend who broke up with him after about 4 months. This relationship happened a couple years before he met me. A few weeks before our 6 month he said he was going to plan something special for our 6 month and for Valentine's day. I told him I didn't believe him and I'd plan something, but he said he really wanted to do it. The night before our 6 month anniversary I asked what we were doing and he apologized and said he couldn't think of anything, so he ended up coming over and we cooked food...which we do almost every night anyways. He gave me a burned CD of instrumental music as a gift. Lately he's been talking a lot about what he did for his ex-girlfriend for Valentine's day, who he had only been with for about a month before it came up. He went downtown and bought her roses, made reservations at an expensive restaurant's, and even "considered" getting the $100 Valentine's special meal...even just considering is far more than he's done for me. It's Valentine's day and he says he doesn't see the significance of celebrating since it's not a special day for us...our 6 month was a special day for us and he did nothing for that either. I don't get his point it telling me all the nice things he did for his ex-girlfriend when he doesn't even make an attempt to do something for me...besides burn a CD a few minutes before coming to my house. Am I being needy here? I really wouldn't mind not doing anything special, but he told me he would, and he's told me all the things he did in the past for his ex. Am I needy or jealous? Or am I justified in feeling like crap...He treats me like I'm cheap, so I feel cheap. I do like him and want to work it out, but I'm afraid to talk to him about this because I don't want to come off as needy (who does?) and it's hard to not start crying (which would make me seem even more needy). I don't want to be a high maintenance girlfriend, but do I want to be low maintenance (in other words, easy)?
By lcahern 16 years ago :: Dating
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