Should "jamie" talk to "lisa" and work it out? No break up? Whose in the wrong? Jaime or lisa?

So jaime and lisa have been together for 7 months. It was love at first sight. Lisa had heart issues so it was emotional and dramatic, a lot of stress and drama. But lisa always made sure she stayed strong and gave jaime all the things she wanted. Their love remained strong. Recently lisa received great news that her heart healed. And even her family issues and other dramas were done with.
Lisa moved on her own and she even been in therapy to make sure she was healed and emotionally stable. All was going great until jaime started acting different. She became distant and cold, never texted and wasn't loving @ all. She even wanted lisa to just focus on her she would still be there as her girlfriend but to just focus on her. Lisa couldn't understand what was going on. Things got worse
Lisa kept asking what was wrong, jaime didn't want to seem to accept and let go that lisa was fine, they could have a future together as planned. Lisa even asked jaime to marry her about 2 months prior to this situations. So they were currently engaged. Lisa had a lot of her clothes and belongings at jaimes house. She even got them a pet. So it was definitely serious a lot of time and commitments involved.
Jaime didn't talk to lisa for about 3 days, lisa thought it was so upsetting and mean, so she texted her just to check in and hope she was doing ok, just to say I love you.
She didn't respond at all, lisa became frustrated, couldn't eat or sleep. Didn't understand why jaime was acting like this. She even said she didn't know anymore if they could be together.
Lisa got so fed up she called jaime, and talked to her pleaded, and jaime couldn't even speak all she said was I love you too, but I don't know. Jaime hasn't talked to lisa in 2 days now, lisa is giving her space and time.
Do you think jaime is holding on to the past? The health scares and drama? And not realizing they can move forward?
Should jaime talk to lisa and work it out?
They both love eachother dearly, but jaime is giving lisa the cold shoulder.
Please help
By tinaE 15 years ago :: Dating
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