Should my husband help me now that the tables have turned?

Throughout our marriage when my husband was laid off (on and off for many years) I paid for everything. I stopped persuing my education and put my career on hold to keep us afloat. Sometimes even paying debt he had before we met. My husband had said as soon as he got on his feet and was "settled" that I would be able to continue my education, return to working on my career and he would help me and pay for everything. He's been with a great company now with a nice salary and "settled for 14 years", but tells me he can't afford anything. Instead of becoming helpful and understanding now that I have been out of work myself and need to see a doctor (he won't even help pay for the co-pay) he has become very arrogant as he travels around the world with his company. He tells me I have to take care of myself and hides his paycheck which he considers all "his". He won't even put toilet paper in the house because he says he goes to the bathroom at work. It's now a constant battle just to get him to bring food home. The company he works for is a worldwide company and I've asked if he could get me a job there. He says there are no openings. I'd like to get myself back on-track and really need the help he once promised.
By I_M_Right2 15 years ago :: Marriage
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