Does it belong to me now or not....I have had it for almost 2 yrs.

My neighbors moved to a new home (rental)....inside there new home was a bedroom suite that was being stored. I inquired about it and was told I could in fact buy it , I agreed. WIthin a week my old neighbors delivered it to my home and set it up. I had agreed to make payments....about 3 weeks after this was brought to my home I found out at work that due to the economy we were getting a cut in pay and hours. I informed them that I didn't feel as though I should purchase this due to this change in income. They agreed to come and pick it up and take it back and understood fully my situation. It has now been almost 2 yrs, I still have it...they never picked it up. I saw them at the store about 2 weeks ago and they said, yah we know we have come get it just haven't had the time....WHATEVER.....almost 2 yrs later.....IS IT MINE NOW OR NOT? I guess I feel I have had it long enough it belongs to me and too bad for them....True or Not?
By springside 14 years ago :: General
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