Should I give up my dreams and career because my husband has "requirements" for me as his wife?

I have been married for 9 years this month and my husband has "requirements" that i am to follow. He doesn't like my career of choice and i had this career when I met him so it isn't something he didn't know about or anything new. I have put it on hold for ten years because he wanted me to wait for him to be retired to pursue my dreams. I did,I waited. I have done everything he has wanted for 9 years. I quit a great job, I stopped attending church because he didn't like to go. I am not allowed to go alone anywhere. I am totally under his supervision 24/7. I do everything he asks right down to wearing what he wants me to wear.
He has been retired since January this year and he still is making excuses and preventing me from pursuing my career. I am constantly being told by him that i put my dreams before him and I am so confused by that because I haven't been "allowed" to even attempt my career.
He is very controlling right down to making me go to bed at the same time he does. This is one of his requirements, there have been big arguments over this. I could go on and on but my main question is, am I wrong for wanting to have a career of my own and for wanting to be a dreamer? Is there really anything wrong with these things?
By batgirl 15 years ago :: Marriage
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