Is it wrong to give an ultimatium?

In short my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. He always says that he knows that he is going to marry me and cant wait until we can start our life together. But then right after says that he is still not ready to move forward in anything. We are both moving around the same time next year and I suggested that we move in together and once again he said that he is not ready yet. When he saw how upset I was he then added "but who knows how I will feel next year". Just recently I told him that he has until our next anniversary (6 months away but is the time when I will start looking for a place to live) to decide if he wants to move forward with me or not. if not then im sorry but I have to leave. I just feel like he may just be wasting my time. Was it wrong for me to do this? Should I just sit around and wait?
By morrenitabonita 15 years ago :: Dating
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