Do you think i am being over annoyed by his kids?

I told my boyfriend that my child was staying home from school today because he was coughing all nite, when he asked me if i gave him something to help w/ the cough, i said "no.. i didn't think about it"..... He then said .... Well when my daughter coughs at nite you all all over me about making sure i give her some, because you are obviously annoyed by her more than you are your own kid. .... I was just kinda dumbfounded, i said "um... did you ever think that maybe i just didn't think about it"... he said .. no i think my kids just annoy you more than mine do. seriously.. do you think it was about being annoyed by his kid? or just being tired and not thinking about giving mine cough meds??
By rockitalk 15 years ago :: Parenting
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