did it happen because I was hurt and angery?

We just came back from vacation. No complains but ever night we hung out at the bar drinking and winding down. We meet other couple but one couple out stand more you know the one with fat and old boyfriend and crazy younger fat girl not pretty more like skang but very sexual and trying to Fu** with Tom, Dick and Harry Every body on our table was ignoring her out of blue she started giving lap dance to all the guys , all the guys stopped her openly on her face, only my husband was unable to say no and got the lap dance he was so drunk he could not say no all other couple looked at me like what is going on? I was very angery. I just left and walked to beach and suddenly some one picked me up and kissed me on my lips and next thing I was in water with this guy who was trying to flirt with me from last five days. When my husband saw this he became sober in a second and was ready to fight. I told him to stop creating a scene in front of other people. We are not talking like we do. I thought let things get cool down but he has not stop fighting about same thing again and again and told me not to talk to my friends till we settle this matter.
By 20092009 12 years ago :: Marriage
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