I fell in love with a married man how do I get over it?

typical youger single female meets amazing but unhappy married man. they hit it off, becomes a relationship...then guy gets guilty calls it off.... we dont have any contact with eachother I have made it so but for some reason I cant seem to get him off my mind ever! Im not a sappy girly person but this guy is the one guy who has made me out to be like all of the women I make fun of..... he made me actually believe in fate and blah blah and all that stuff hollywood made up.... So What do I do? how do I get over it? I am in a new relationship with a SINGLE guy who loves me so much but i cant seem to give him the same love cause im still hung up on married dude? agh ! please dont judge just help!
By anon123 15 years ago :: Dating
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