Should my husband put our relationship before outside responsibilities most of the time?

My husband and I don't live together. Not by choice but circumstance. Kids live with me. My husband pays everything in both households, including spending money. I have to ask for it, but he always gives it if he has it. I have become the "Professional Jobseeker". Can't get a job even though I've interviewed 32 times this year.
My question is this... He works constantly, even volunteering responsibilities at church. Everything comes before our relationship. I want a date night, and only get it if he has the time or isn't too tired, which is most of the time. I appreciate all his hard work and support, but time together isn't his priority and I want time with me to be on top of the list not bottom. He says he wants to but he has his responsibilities that have to come first. I think he should change his priorities because I am getting resentful and jealous of those things he does make a priority.
By jcordes 15 years ago :: Marriage
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