Is it okay to become upset in the beginning of a relationship, or do u blow it off so u dont seem psycho?

So i started dating this British guy. Beautiful (ex model), sweet, full of compliments. I gave up my cupcake right away. His penis is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. The sex was earth shattering and body numbing. Amazing kisser. We had so much in common and found that we had a lot of the same friends and knew a lot of the same people through work. It just fit so well i thought. Even after he swooned me and had me believeing all the things he was telling me about how beautiful my body was, how sweet i am, how amazing my personality is, how funny, how cute, gorgeous eyes.... And he couldnt keep his hands off me. And unfortunately he couldnt keep his hands off other people. I thought to myself that this could be long-term. I was willing to settle down and really wanted to. But guys who are this amazing and so beautiful, never want to settle. And tend to lead you on. Is this the way its always going to be??? Whats wrong with the world and relationships?
By Lucky78 15 years ago :: Dating
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