My ex left me for our best friend. Yet, many of our friends in common still hang out with them. Is that right?

Dean & I had been living together for a couple years.

About a year ago Dean met Dave we all become very good friends. We introduced Dave to all our friends because he seemed like a really nice guy.

However, it quickly became clear that Dean & Dave had a bit of a courtship going and more than I few times over the last year I caught them making out. I confronted them a few times and they laughed it off. As if they were just being silly. There was nothing serious.

But, over the summer we took a few trips with Dave and some other friends and it was clear to everyone they had something going on.

So at the end of the summer I basically told them I was tired of being the 3rd in their relationship and broke it off with Dean.

Of course they immediately started dating and are now a "couple".

My conundrum is this:

We had several friends in common all of them have expressed that what they did to me was very crappy. If they had something going on, they should have come clean and stopped leaving me hanging on for over a year.

However recently I've found out that some of these same friends are spending time with Dean & Dave. Inviting them over to dinner. Planning trips with them. etc... Basically just continuing as if I don't exist and never did.

I feel like I need to cut these people out of my life because it seems so disrespectful of them to tell me that what they did was awful, yet they respect Dean & Dave's new relationship.

What do you think?
By JBear 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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