Call it a day? ....coping with new partners ex an kids update!

Hello again i recently asked a question about coping with a new partners ex and kids and would like to thank you for the advice given. Things started to improve he told his ex to only call him when its important. So things were going well because his ex thought we had split up and when she found out we were giving it another go....all hell broke lose, she threatened me and my car etc but out of respect for my partner and his difficult situation i kept quiet. Then she wrote things on our facebook profiles which led to us deleting her and friends from our profiles. This woman said some pretty harsh things. Then my partner goes out for a meal with her and the kids as her other son who hes been like a dad to for his 13th as his real dad didnt turn up. Im fine with this but it hurts that my partner seems to have just forgotton what this woman has said. I understand hes got to put the kids first but i just feel humiliated, let down, disrespected and like my partner just doesnt support me enough. I dont want to break up with this man but i dont see what else there is i can do?. I have not been able to talk to him since this meal as you can imagine i was not too pleased an now there friends again on facebook an i could really do with outside perspectives thanks
By wolfie 16 years ago :: Dating
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