Should emotional attachment between a 50+ year old and 20-year old be cause to break up a marriage?

"My 50+ year old husband met two 20 year old college students from another country on a visit to a National Park while away from home on a business trip.
He and his co-worker/friend ended up taking these students out to dinner, even showing them where they were staying. He continued to communicate with these students through emails, Skype and even long distance phone/text.

I expressed to him the inappropriateness of this relationship given they are strangers and the age difference. His comment was these girls do not have a good relationship with their fathers and he advises them in a fatherly way.

Despite his promise to wean off these girls by not initiating communications with them and only answer casually if they email him, he maintained the relationship and now it's been a year. He even made a trip to visit them at their country the first opportunity he was traveling near that country.

I'm not an unfeeling person and understands his empathy for these girls but I cannot help thinking this relationship is inappropriate and can lead to nothing but trouble to our family and marriage. Especially when these girls share very personal information with him. We have daughters and I feel if there's any fathering to done, shouldn't his attention and focus be on his own kids?

I feel if he chooses to continue the relationship with these two 20 year old college students, it shows how important they are to him and will jeopardize our marriage. Am I justified or overreacting?...view less"
By serenity 15 years ago :: Marriage
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